What is accessibility and why do you need to think about it?

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Boulder WordPress Meetup
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According to the CDC, roughly 25% of US adults have a disability. Many people with disabilities will interact with a website and consume its content in different ways and sometimes with different devices or assistive technologies, like screen readers. Therefore, a website needs to be built in a way that meets the needs of people with a variety of disabilities, including vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive, and others.

For a website to be accessible, content and interfaces must be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are centered on those four principles.

Elianna James is an Accessibility SME for CVS Health. She works with design (UX and UI) and developers, business owners and other members of software development teams. Her role is to ensure that new website updates and features are created in ways that ensure they are accessible for everyone.

For our meeting she will explain who we are designing for and how we can get there without compromising our creativity. We'll talk about color contrast, alt text for logos and images, how to imagine your designs being accessed by keyboard-only methods as well as how you can test your assumptions and your designs while they are still wireframes.

Bring your questions. Send us a url in advance and we'll do a little accessibility/ design group investigation at the meeting.

We will have pizza at 5:45 pm (Ron will pick up early so it's there on time)!