Midweek Session

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Midweek session! It gets pretty busy on Wednesdays so be sure to keep an eye out for me so we can meet up!
If it's your first time, message me before since i'll need to be around to sign you in.

There's plenty of parking available at the Depot and a nearby bus stop.

Costs are available here: https://www.theclimbingdepot.co.uk/manchester/about/opening-times-prices

TLDR: £10 entry + £3 shoes. If you eventually buy your own shoes and get a membership it gets really cheap!

Please RSVP if possible so I know who to expect. If it's your first time be sure to rent some shoes as you get in.
Here's a picture of me in my usual climbing getup to help with meeting up: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hf2AtU2NabcHnTET9-Mu7wtWLvgTr279/view
I'll try to hang around the entrance for about 10-15m so come say hi if you see me. If you get in later just get changed and look around for me or anyone else in the group you might recognize! :)