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Ready To Rewrite Your Story?
I am so happy you are here! Chances are, if you have discovered this group you are looking to rewrite an old life story into a new one. I completely relate.

I myself have done that exact same thing. My new story starts first with my acknowledgement that I am a recovered praise and achievement addict. Hearing the words "you’re the best" was my drug and those words traveled through my veins via a big needle of perfectionism and extreme over-commitment to others. Today, the mental clarity, health and well-being I have achieved—by breaking my addiction chains—has illuminated powerful gifts that enable me to share with others.

As a certified coach specializing in advocacy and leadership, I bring a results-driven, co-creative experience to my time with my clients. As an intuitive empath, my clear ability to welcome vulnerability and honesty into the working discussion space allows my clients to bring forth life-altering changes into their daily living. This becomes their new story.

I am deeply passionate about connecting with, motivating, and elevating others to see the positive force of advocacy and leadership in their lives. As a born leader, my career roles span experiences as a certified coach, middle school teacher and administrator, a professional group fitness instructor, a wife and full-time mother to 3 amazing kids, an entrepreneur, and a multi-organization volunteer, to name a few. Over the course of many years, and through each of these different leadership opportunities, I have used advocacy coaching and leadership mentoring as an integral part of helping individuals to write their new story.

If you are here, you are considering a new story, you are a seeker, you are a thinker, you are ready and willing to be vulnerable. During our group time together, we will bring awareness to and reflect on a few different things such a boundaries and purposeful communication. We will focus on areas of our lives that are commonly overlooked yet have an incredible impact on our precious peace of mind. I will share my own journey with you from a life of paralyzing over-committing and people pleasing to a life of balance and relief.

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