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This is a group for anyone interested in transforming churchyards and similar landscapes into welcoming places for those at risk of hunger, and everyone else as well, to grow or glean food for themselves and their families. This group is being organized by the staff of BountifulChurchyards.org. However, it is open to all, affiliated with BountifulChurchyards.org or not. It is also open to all regardless of anyone's particular faith or creed. It is our hope that we attract a lively mix of congregation-affiliated folk, with or without experience in foraging, urban farming, or the like, who can open doors, if you will, to development of churchyards into edible landscapes. We also hope to attract a lively mix of urban farmers, permiculturists, or other skilled folks, with or without any religious identification or participation, who can assist congregations with various aspects of project development. Finally, we hope to attract a lively mix of folks who can help bountifulchurchyards.org develop its website and outreach materials so that we can keep a steady stream of projects coming on line.

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