What we're about

This meet up is an informal meeting opportunity for people who have an interest in the I Ching and in exploring how it's guidance can help us to lead ourselves to a greater sense of understanding and well-being. It seeks to help us navigate life, in this complex modern world, and support us in finding our own answers to dealing with the complex challenges we experience, as ordinary but unique individuals, in our day to day lives. Its guidance helps us to access our innate nature and to become aware of the limiting and false beliefs and conditioning that we have unconsciously taken on or have been subject to, throughout our lives. As we become aware, of what we have been led to believe, and in particular, what is simply false or untrue about ourselves, humanity, other animals, the Cosmos, the nature of life, our True Self is freed and unburdened. This enables our completely natural sense of well-being to emerge, along with our innate talents and ways of expressing who we really are and what matters to us, in our daily lives. This leads to a more fulfilled and richer heart-felt life, in which the simple joys of our true natures and personalities are shared and felt by ourselves and others.

The I Ching treats us as a unique individual and also importantly, as an equal to it. It does not talk to us as a knowledgeable God or superior. It merely has its purpose in the world, the same as we do and respects where we are in our own lives at any given time.

Its communicates to us based on our individual feelings. It does not lead us, but walks beside us, when we come from a place of sincerity. It accepts our mistakes, as a completely natural part of being human and how we learn in life.

It respects and recognizes we have our own part to play in the unfolding of Nature and The Cosmos and that our contribution is essential to the Cosmos.

My role is to act as a kind of tour guide to the I Ching. I offer to show people how to consult with it themselves, directly, and how to use it in their day to day lives. I also share the experiences I have had with it over the past 15 or so years and explain how these have applied to my day to day life. I can offer explanations about some of its teachings and can also assist in your understanding of some of its messages but the purpose of the I Ching is bring you back to your own True Self.

It ultimately helps you to uncover and free up your deeper feelings, natural awareness and feeling based intelligence. It seeks to help you gain clarity about your own deep personal sense of what is right for you….as only we, as unique individuals, truly know this. I hope you enjoy


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