What we're about

This "Autism Support group" HANDS, is focused on SOCIAL LIFE and ACTIVITIES to help for autistic and other movement challenged folk make the friendships that will nurture them going forward into adulthood.

BASED in Bowie/Mitchellville, it is the only thing of it's kind in the area.
Besides activities It will also offer INFORMATION -- theraputic, communication, dietary, and basically inspiration, for individuals and or their parents/support team.

Individuals attending should bring a support person, to assist in managing behaviors.

One particular focus of this group (although it not limited to that) is to create social connection for nonverbal individuals interested in supported communication. When set up with tablets and a speaking ap, MANY nonverbal folk can speak for themselves! Do you think of non-speaking autism as a mental disability? What if it is really MOVEMENT challenges, that make a person look mentally disabled?.....
To learn more see meet up under Supported Communication of Bowie/ Mitchellville.

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