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Canceled - Cumberland Falls S. P.- Dog Slaughter Falls

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OK, OK I'm getting the message that people want hikes closer to Bowling Green. Since no one has RSVPed for this hike (and I'm out of town until late Friday night) I'm going to go ahead and cancel this one. If people want to head out there later in the year maybe we can reschedule.

Hike Stats

Meeting time: 9 AM
Hike Distance: 7.2 miles
Estimated Hike Time: 5 hours
Difficulty: moderate

Well behaved dogs are welcome - Cumberland Fall has a leash rule

The drive to Cumberland Falls takes 2.5 hours

Once at the park, we'll head north on the moonbow trail (#1 - Cumberland falls numbers all of their trails) cross over from state park land to Daniel Boone National Forest land. When we hit Dog Slaughter Creek we'll head upstream to the falls. After enjoying the view at the falls we'll backtrack down moonbow trail and take Cumberland River Trail (#2) and Anvil Branch Trail (#11) back to the resort. If time permits, we'll hit the 1.5 Eagle Falls trail before heading home.

Be sure to wear hiking boots with ankle support , dress appropriate for the weather, and bring plenty of water to drink and a snack to keep your energy up.

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