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Come enjoy a beautiful setting on a high knoll overlooking an undeveloped stretch of the Yadkin River (you will see nothing but nature all the way upriver 20 miles to Pilot Mountain:-) and learn some new research based techniques THAT WORK to help rewire your brain and in the process change your life in some positive ways.


This group is for ANYONE who would like to learn some simple tools to simply help you FEEL GOOD.

These tools among other things can be used as healthy and constructive ways to help you deal with stress and anxiety. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Come just as you are in your life and we will share some simple easy to learn and use tools that will enable you to leave with "tools in your toolbox" that will help you to become (if you choose to regularly use the tools) the person you want to be and just as important, they will help you to learn to APPRECIATE the person you ALREADY ARE. We all simply want to FEEL GOOD, both in general and about ourselves. These tools will help you FEEL GOOD by helping you learn to rewire how your brain responds to stressful situations and/or habitual patterns of thought or behavior that are self diminishing and do not serve you well.

What this group IS:

1. Always FREE at no cost. We also NEVER ask for or accept donations of any type.

2. Always inclusive of all faiths and beliefs (or partial or total lack thereof:-)

3. Always supportive to you taking what you learn and modifying or changing it in any way that better fits or serves you

4. Learning and action oriented

5. Based on research on what techniques work best to change your brain

6. Effort and results based

What this group is NOT:

1. It is NOT affiliated in any way with a sect or cult
2. It is NOT based on passive meditation
3. It is NOT a 12 Steps type program
4. It is NOT a group where you have to admit or talk about your failures and shortcomings
5. It is NOT a group that is a "lead in" for trying to sell you counseling services or weekend seminars etc.
6. It is NOT a group where we sit around talking about the past or the mistakes we have made.


To give back by sharing what I have learned through research and seeing what works in my own life and in the lives of other people I have already shared these easy to learn yet powerful techniques with.


We will be meeting at my home on the Yadkin River in Lewisville. The home is in a beautiful natural setting on a high knoll overlooking an undeveloped stretch of the river with a beautiful view of Pilot Mountain 20 miles upriver. It is arguably the best view in all of Forsyth County:-).


The time commitment to learn these techniques is rather minimal. We will only be meeting once for a period of 1-1/2 hours. (The more major time commitment comes in regularly APPLYING these techniques in your own life).

WE ONLY WORK WITH A MAXIMUM OF 16 INDIVIDUALS AT A TIME so whenever I announce that a new group is starting you are encouraged to SIGN UP as soon as the group is announced. Some times of the year are busier professionally for me than others so there are some times of the year when we only teach one group every two to three months, but whenever my schedule allows we like to teach one new group every month.

These are simple yet powerful tools and people typically feel better using them after only the first time trying them. We really do all want to simply FEEL GOOD in our daily lives, and these techniques were developed with the express purpose of helping people simply FEEL GOOD from using the tools. Use the techniques regularly once a day and you will find that after 30 to 40 days of using the techniques that you will not only FEEL GOOD immediately after you use the techniques (like you do from "Day 1" of using the techniques) but that you will begin to FEEL BETTER throughout the entire day. That is because you have begun to literally change how some neurons in key areas of your brain are "wired together" and "fire together".

Once you learn the techniques it takes a 20 to 30 minute time commitment each day to actually bring about this lasting CHANGE in how your brain is "wired". The classic "law" of neuroplasticity was named after Canadian neuroscientist Dr. Donald O. Hebb and is called "Hebb's Law" and states "neurons that fire together wire together". That's really about the only thing you need to know about neuroscience to understand WHY and HOW we develop habitual patterns of thought or behavior. These habitual patterns of thought and behavior can work FOR us or AGAINST us. The techniques you will be learning at this MeetUp group will be a key tool in your "toolbox" to use to end thought and behavior patterns that work AGAINST you and develop and enhance thought and behavior patterns that work FOR you.

NO ONE knows yourself better than YOU do regarding what specific habitual patterns of thought and behavior are working FOR you and what habitual patterns of thought and behavior are working AGAINST you and are standing in your way of being happier and more relaxed and feeling better about yourself. That is why we do not tell you what you need to do: We only help equip you with tools that YOU can apply in the ways YOU decide YOU want and need to in YOUR life to feel better and undo habitual patterns of behavior that YOU have identified as not serving you well.

This is not rocket science even though there is a lot of science working behind the scenes. These are simple techniques we can ALL learn and use to CHANGE OUR BRAIN and in doing so CHANGE OUR LIFE and FEEL GOOD.

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