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The brain is our “command central.” Because ultimately, it’s through the brain we can design and create our lives. Everything around us—from the products, buildings, gadgets, toys etc.—started from an idea that someone originally had in their brain. The same way we use the brain to create the world, we shape our own lives with it too. The human brain holds the power to create happiness or misery depending on how we use it.

The problem is that our world today is faster and more convenient than ever, but suicide rates are rising sharply (https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/07/health/suicide-report-cdc/index.html) and loneliness has become an epidemic. What good was all this advancement if we didn’t know how to take care of ourselves and be happy, healthy, and more peaceful? After all, isn’t that something that everyone wants and can benefit from?

Brain Education consists of a myriad of mind and body exercises modernized from ancient Asian practices. All Brain Education programs use and fit into five steps.

Take back your brain and make it to the Power Brain. What is the Power Brain? It is the brain healthy, productive, creative, peaceful, and harmonious brain.
The steps of Brain Education are:

1. Brain Sensitizing: This introductory step encourages brain awareness and awakens body and brain. It increases energy and blood flow to improve overall vitality and function of brain and body. It also helps you remain in the present moment and be aware of your five senses, plus be able to sense the energy of your body and environment. By doing this, you foster a stronger connection between body and brain, allowing your brain to better regulate your body function and overall health. You also better manage your response to stress.

2. Brain Versatilizing: Once you are sensitized to what is going on within and around you, through physical and mental exercises (https://www.changeyourenergy.com/wellness-guide/733/20131119-energize-your-brain-with-fun-family-games-for-the-holidays), you can make your brain and body more flexible and free yourself from ingrained habits of thought and movement. You open yourself up to new possibilities as you learn to "think outside the box."

3. Brain Refreshing: Refreshing your brain involves clearing out stored preconceived thoughts and emotions so you can make a fresh start. Negative thought patterns and emotions in particular block your potential. By becoming aware of them and releasing them, you leave room for developing a positive outlook and increasing your emotional intelligence so you can handle future challenges more effectively.

4. Brain Integrating: The integration in this step is two-pronged. You integrate the different areas and functions of your brain in order to integrate new beliefs and habits. It recognizes that your beliefs about yourself and your view of the world are malleable and chosen by you; they are not the real you. By integrating your brain so that it works as a cohesive unit, you can uncover your life purpose and align all of your thoughts and actions with its achievement.

5. Brain Mastering: This final step is a continuous application of the first four steps toward specific, concrete goals. As you achieve these goals by managing your energy, you actualize the life you want with joy, love and self-awareness.

Making these five steps a lifestyle gives you a systematic way to use your brain consciously and effectively while discovering your inherent serenity and creative potential (https://www.changeyourenergy.com/courses/detail/1107/Energy-Minute-Manage-Your-Energy-to-Master-Your-Life)

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Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

BE Qui Gong(by Master Jang)

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

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