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Consciousness in VR Hosted by SpiritualVR

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Please join us for an engaging evening of celebration, conversation, and experience to explore the intersection between our inventions and our intentions.

Virtual reality and related technologies are going to powerfully and irresistibly reshape the ways we think about ourselves, others, and the world around us. Unprecedented opportunities to build wisdom and higher consciousness will abound, and so will applications that can isolate, separate, and divide us.

Which will we choose? Who will be doing the choosing? The central question we may ask of technology mirrors this spiritual one: who is ruling whom? How do we make mindful choices about the development and uses of technology? How do we ensure that tech reflects our diversity, our varied experiences, and the unique voices that make our individual and social consciousness vibrant and meaningful?

Those are some of the questions that will be considered during the evening, through a discussion among panelists who have thought deeply about them and in other activities and conversations. There will also be plentiful opportunities to personally experience many current virtual reality creations. And food! And beverage! And spectacular interactions with soulful sisters and brothers as well as a special launch announcement!

If you are among those committed to aligning what we create with who we want to be, this event shouldn’t be missed.



Lisa Padilla, Founder and CEO SpiritualVR

SpiritualVR: VR is going to change the way we grow and experience spirituality. VR will change the way we experience the world, period. Many people have yet to experience VR but when they do, they will join the rest of us in understanding the possibilities in bending reality and what that means to our emotional impact, how it changes our lives, our spirits. SpiritualVR is a content creator and publisher focused on spirituality and self-improvement. We are leveraging the unique properties of VR to create emotionally powerful spiritual experiences that can have a positive impact on you after you return to the real world. VR allows us to present emotional forces that motivate change. And these changes are so impactful, that they remain with us long after people take the headset off. That’s powerful. Let’s use that power for good.

VR Productions:

Microdose - Microdose VR combines art, music and dance into a real-time virtual reality gaming experience, defining a new medium never before possible.

Experience: An experience combining art, music and dance into a real-time virtual reality gaming experience. It is generally used for fun, therapy, personal entertainment and/or VJing.

Happinss ( - "Happinss" is a virtual reality solution that helps you relax in spectacular natural locations around the globe accompanied by therapeutic music and guided meditations that will help you change your mindset to a Happiness mood and positive thinking.

Experience: 360 Meditation in beaches, mountains, spectacular natural locations around the globe accompanied by therapeutic music and guided meditations.

Human Light Ship – The Human Light Ship is a collective of sound healers that bridge the ancient and modern worlds of sound healing, uniting ancient traditions with scientific research regarding sound's effects on the biosphere and the body's cells.

The Human Light Ship is based in the SF Bay Area and regularly performs these sound medicine journeys for individuals and groups up and down the West Coast. They play together intuitively as a harmonic symphony practicing a method of Toning known as Soul Singing while utilizing a variety of sacred instruments such as Crystal Singing Bowls, Drums, HandPan, Didgeridoo, Native American Flute, and others. Whether as an individual or group experience it will be an enjoyable light journey through interstellar space into the angelic realms. Welcome aboard!

Experience: The Human Light Ship will facilitate individual sessions combining modern technologies with ancient energetic cleansing and healing techniques. Using a Subpac, VR headset, and both live and recorded sounds you will be guided on an inter-dimensional journey through your own consciousness.

dSkyVR - dSky has three groups, Special Projects Group creates bespoke VR experiences on behalf of the most prestigious brands, themed destinations and science centers in the world. VR.Apps allows users to download dSky's VR apps and demos for Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStationVR, Samsung GearVR and Steam/HTC Vive. They also have a suite of apps designed specifically for Science. The dSky VR.Engine is a suite of tools and templates designed to get your team up and running in VR development immediately.

Experience: Nirvana is a temple environment with 4 elements to relax and meditate in earthly elements: fire, light, air and nature.

SoundSelfGame ( - SoundSelf is a sensual exploration game about the intrinsic pleasure of playing instead of the rewards of winning. You use your voice to explore a hypnotic world of sounds and visuals that feel like they are emerging directly from your body. Each tone will navigate you through strobing tunnels-of-light, impossible shapes, and into a meditative trance. The result is an elegant symmetry of image, sound and body that takes advantage of loopholes in the way you perceive to facilitate a new experience of yourself and your world. Each play-through lasts one extremely intense hour.

Experience: A trance-like experience at the intersection of gaming, meditation, deep relaxation, and biological and cognitive entertainment.

Core Reboot - CoreReboot helps people and companies reconnect to their core by using innovative products and approaches. We focus on increasing personal and company creativity, centered being, productivity, resilience and strength from the inside out. We have been targeting the cross section between communication, learning, innovative tech and Mindfulness.

Experiences: StarflightVR is a new generation mobile Mindfulness app that has been designed to bring you into a state of peace and neural integration to promote well being through a 3D flight in space. Bringing you the benefits of various integrative therapy techniques that are incorporated subtly to help support a busy lifestyle. FlowforbreathVR is a mobile VR app that will help center your thoughts and calm your mind through deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing is a natural tranquilizer and, practiced in an all immersive environment, it has far reaching benefits.

Warmly - Warmly's platform provides users with a VR toolkit, allowing anyone to create interactive virtual worlds, share them with friends, and play together in the same online spaces.

Experience: Focus on your senses as you explore a meditative auditory environment of Tibetan singing bowls and nature sounds, where your movement shapes the audio experience!

JunoVR - exists to create virtual spaces and guided experiences that help people to recharge and gain control over their lives. Experiences that encourage a disconnect and recharge from the day to day. Relaxing, rejuvenating, empowering experiences that help people to live more mindfully and authentic to their true selves.

Experience: Juno’s Breathing Meditation Experiences: A collection of meditation experiences which use a breathing sensor to help with mindful breathing and meditative visualization practices. JunoVR is a company building therapeutic VR experiences which combine eastern meditative insights with western neuroscience.

and introducing…

LIV – The LIV platform brings your Mixed Reality content vision to life. A full stack, mobile content creation platform consisting of custom hardware and software with one goal: to make Mixed Reality accessible to the masses.

A Panel Discussion - Consciousness in VR:

Alison Raby of Digital Raign will moderate a panel discussion on consciousness and VR with immersion industry leaders Including:

Alison Raby, Co-Founder, Digital Raign

Ashara Ekundayo, Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer at Impact Hub Oakland, President at AE Creative

Dorote Lucci, Founder, CEO, CoreReboot LLC/ Wellness Realities

Anastasiya Sharkova, Business Development and Communications Consultant and Consultant , ARVR Academy

Lia Oganesyan, Founder, Veer Hub

For panelist bios please click HERE (

Followed by a Conscious Conversation featuring Mikey Siegel, Founder of Consciousness Hacking moderated by James Hanusa of Digital Raign. More info on this presentation can be found HERE (

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