What we're about

Let's ride some alpha and theta brain waves and step into calm, stop ruminating over the same unhelpful thoughts, and create new neurons to achieve greater creativity and brain power!

Through regular group support, we can help each other develop a deeper, more consistent meditation practice.

We can first go over some benefits (why) and techniques (how), get comfortable, start with a few minutes of guided meditation, and then go deeper into an extended period of quiet, concentrated awareness. We can also explore breaking up the time with walking meditation and other mindfulness exercises. Discussions and socializing afterwards!

I am not a meditation guru, but well-studied on the topic. Merely here to help establish habit more than anything else.

Beginner and experienced meditators are welcome as long as you are able to commit to joining on time and being non-disruptive during a 30 minute meditation period.

Meetings at my house to start, with possibility of rotating amongst members. Address will be disclosed to attendees.

I have some chairs and extra cushions and blankets for newbies, but highly suggest figuring out what makes you most comfortable during meditation and bringing your own.

I may periodically add in workshops like mandala creation, mala making, reiki, sound therapy, yin yoga, and full day silent retreats.

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Fireside Meditation

Upper Saddle River

Sound Meditation

Upper Saddle River

Group Meditation - Heart Activation

Upper Saddle River

Group Meditation - Grounding/Root Activation

Upper Saddle River

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