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Learn, experience acoustic and electronically enhanced health. For example, as you are reading this description, your brainwaves are probably at about 24 Hz or cycles per second. "What does it matter?" you ask. We'll provide some relevant answers. We have at least 2 prevalent stress "enemy" frequency inputs to our person that of TV and fluorescent lights inputing 60hz to our psyche, when we're exposed to them. We'll experience light and sound machines (brainwave synchronizers), input devices and monitors as experiential Meetups. The purpose is to enhance health, and hopefully an increased sense of wellbeing in the meeting carrying over into life.

Our meetups will focus on this and other topics as seen on the calender. We'll have short presentations by various guest speakers on subjects such as lucid dreaming, the effects of hypnosis on sleep, brainwave fitness, recordings of guided meditation, "light" nutrition, electron donation through hydration, binaural relaxation, neuro-feedback and cutting edge subjects as esoteric as EFT "healing with light and sound" that are grounded in physics and have practical application to improve our lives. Tea will be usually be provided. (You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own favorite cup). Following the experience or demonstration we'll have a brief Q and A, sometimes a phylosophical round table and with healthy potluck finger food snacks, socializing and more tea. Some suggestions to bring would be olives, nuts, sliced fruit and of course quality chocolate (No "TBHQ" please, Read the ingredients). (No meats please to avoid upsetting non-meateaters)

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