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Sonic Therapy with Darlene Koldenhoven "This is Your Brain on Music and Singing"

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REQUESTED $5 DONATION will be collected AT THE DOOR. Thank you!

Welcome to our first In-House Lecture of the season with
Grammy Award Winner, Darlene Koldenhoven
on Sonic Therapy.

The beautiful and highly gifted Darlene Koldenhoven will be giving a 45 minute presentation with Q&A on Sonic Therapy: healing through sound. It will be based on her upcoming "Wellness with Sound & Voice Workshop: Harmonize Your Mind, Body, Spirit & Life" followed by a Sonic Therapy Concert:

Within each of us there is a potential so potent, so personal and expressive, that we can actually heal ourselves with it. Grammy-winner Darlene Koldenhoven shows us how to open a “new” and healing part of you. She teaches you how to improve your health, eliminate stress, and stay well using music, sonic vibration, and Your Voice in her informative rejuvenating adventure utilizing the many newly researched and proven benefits of music & sound-making. Darlene explores a variety of “healing-with-sound” methods from the ancients to contemporary modern medicines around the world.

The pitch & tone of your speaking & singing voice reveals much about your state of mind, health of body, and intent of purpose; that when tuned, returns the body to a state of homeostasis. Dr. Alfred Tomatis, Don Campbell of "The Mozart Effect", and many experts say singing, including 'toning', is one of the most healthy activities a person can do for physical and mental health. .

About Darlene Koldenhoven :
Darlene is a Grammy Award Winner and 3 time Nominee, a Masters Degree in Voice and a Bachelors in Music Education, former voice faculty UCLA, CSUN, CSLA, Citrus College. She is a Vocalist, Keyboardist, Composer, Songwriter, Sonic Therapist, Speaker, Credentialed Educator, and Author of Tune Your Voice: Singing and Your Mind’s Musical Ear (Book w/7CDs) endorsed by Juilliard, Don Campbell, Berklee, NYU & more. Her music is playing on The CARE Channel in hospitals and hospices nationwide and on music therapy CDs. She has two #1 albums voted Best Vocal Album and Best Holiday Album by Broadcasters Worldwide and a Nomination Best Vocal Album. She is the featured soloist in the platinum DVD & PBS special Yanni, Live at the Acropolis seen by over 1.5 Billion viewers worldwide and has sung on over a thousand recordings. Darlene tours with her concerts and workshops, is a voice teacher/coach, and has a sonic therapy practice in Los Angeles.

3:00 Introduction and Lecture
4:00 Tea and Bathroom Break
4:10 Q&A
4:30 CD's available for Purchase in Lobby
Put away chairs and tidy up BILA office.
5:00 Optional dinner with Guest Speaker, Darlene Koldenhoven!

Attendees will be checked in at the door.
Requested $5 donation per person will be collected at the door.
This will help cover our guest speaker's gas expense, and our venue sponsor's time, labors, electricity and water expenses while we're there.

As long as you're on the rsvp list, you will not be turned away no matter your donation amount, but people, please be generous, thank you! Walk-ins will be welcome for Standing Room Only as overflow into the lobby.

About our venue sponsor, BILA: Biofeedback and Biocomp are a non-profit organization dedicated to finding ways to improve brain functionality through neurophysiology and neurotechnology. . Thank you BILA for all you do!

This venue has limited seating. Please be considerate of others and adjust your rsvp ASAP if you are not able to attend. No-Shows will be prevented from attending future In-House lectures. Thank you for understanding!

"Tranquil Times" ( Darlene's latest relaxing Instrumental CD which was newly released this February. Nominated Best New Age Album by the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards 2014. $15

"Infinite Voice (" Darlene's classical crossover relaxing vocal CD that was voted Best Vocal Album 2007 by Broadcasters worldwide. $15

"Solitary Treasures (" Darlene's classical pop vocal CD that was Nominated by Broadcasters worldwide Best Vocal Album 2012. $15

"Heavenly Peace (" Darlene's holiday crossover CD that was voted by Broadcasters worldwide Best Holiday Album 2007. $15

"Tune Your Voice" $49.95 :
This comprehensive, 94 page music book with 7 Instructional CDs is endorsed by Juilliard, American Idol, Berklee, NYU, and Don Campbell, author of the famed "The Mozart Effect". It is designed to develop your mind’s musical ear which is the key to singing in tune, singing in harmony, preparing to compose and sight-read music, learning any instrument faster and/or by ear, and becoming an all around better singer and musician. This is an interactive "listening" series for exploring the space-time code of music. Because music registers in different parts of the brain, Tune Your Voice is produced to allow you to learn both consciously and sub-consciously.

Weekend parking is openly available for this otherwise residential permit-parking area. With our attendance, you might end up needing to walk a block or two. The Institute is a beige somewhat Spanish style residence with terra cotta tiled roofing and a blue ADD van in the driveway. It is right on the triangle intersection where three streets meet: Gregory Way, Schumacher Drive, and Hayes Drive.

For those of you who wish to join us, we will have an early dinner together with our special guest, Darlene Koldenhoven, following the lecture. We have some really wonderful interesting members, so come join us and hang out a bit.

The Brewdog Pub which is one long block away:
8300 Wilshire Blvd,
Beverly Hills, 90211 ­ .
It's a notch up on simple fare: specialty pizzas and sandwiches, some nice semi-gourmet salads, various tacos including shrimp or ahi tuna tacos, burgers including veggie burger, turkey bacon burger, Portobello burger, etc.
Happy hour 3-8pm.

Be sure to indicate in the comments section if you will be joining us for dinner so I have an idea of a head count for our dinner reservation. All are welcome whether you indicate in advance or not! Thank you. :D

This promises to be a delightful and enlightening day with our special guest speaker, Darlene. I can't wait.. see you there!


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