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Workshop Duration: Friday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm | Saturday: 8am – 4pm | Sunday: 9am – 4pm

Have you ever walked into a room or sports stadium and could feel the energy? Have you ever thought of someone and moments later they called you? Have you ever felt someone in need of your help?

How is this possible? Is your brain capable of doing things you never thought possible? Yes!

Your brain similar to a cell phone detects frequencies, thought frequencies to be precise. All thought frequencies in our Universe coalesce into one enormous field called Consciousness (Ui). We don't just have consciousness within ourselves, but rather we exist within it. Like a giant brain, our Universe thinks, is self-aware, is everywhere.

This intelligence can be seen all around us. It is within our bodies, it is throughout Nature. In fact, 'Nature' and 'Intelligence' are one and the same. This level of intelligence is now available to you, through Ui.

To ensure we thrive as a species we have been created as a replication of this intelligence. It is us. But over many centuries we have come to believe that we are not it, that it does not exist, and so we live without it, to our detriment.

"Ui, or a whole brain state will do to your intelligence what the internet did to your computer’s – geometric leaps – ALL KNOWING!"

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind
To begin, you will be taught how to silence the mind to move beyond the conscious and into the subconscious mind. You will remove the liming beliefs holding you back in life, creating self-sabotage and struggle in your life. The more liming beliefs you clear, the faster you integrate Ui and become limitless in all areas of life and the sooner your external reality will reflect your expansion.

“Beliefs Equal Your Reality! What Is Believed By The Subconscious Mind Is What Is Experienced As Your Reality! Change Your Beliefs And You Change Your Reality!” This technique effectively reprograms the brain (and body) to allow in your True Self which in turn creates a thriving reality for you. Our Subconscious Limiting Beliefs cap our reality, holding us back where we would otherwise thrive and excel. Our beliefs are not the truth, in fact they are the opposite.

Access Ui, Your Super-Conscious MindReconnect to your ‘ALL KNOWING’ intelligence, your infinite inner wisdom. You will then learn how to access all the answers you seek. You will tune into profound genius, the untapped reservoir of creativity we have come to call Ui (or the Super-Conscious Mind, the Higher Self).

In this space you will access all the guidance and direction you need, to make all the best decisions in every area of life. Go beyond meditation into ALL KNOWING! Do it fast, on demand and with ease.

“The Human Brain, Misunderstood By So Many, Actually Transcends Space And Time. It Knows Only The Boundaries We Impose On It, Limiting It To The Here And Now.” Healer, Heal Thyself!
Following this heightened perception, you will learn to tune into the needs of your body for rapid healing, recovery and sustained youth.

"Belief: The Human Body Is Full of Frailty
Truth: The Body is perfect. The Contents of the Mind Is Frail"

Take the healing process back in your own hands and become an expert in exactly what your body needs to thrive. "The Body Is A Reflection Of The Mind. Heal The Mind To Heal The Body!"

Release the past, the non-truths from the cells of your body. Access the root cause of illness and disease to discover the best cure. Truth - Your Direct Path to Success & Miracles.
When you access your True Self, your Super-Conscious Mind you access Your Truth. Truth creates, Truth expands, Truth allows all things to flourish and be free.

Truth is the physics of life, the physics of success. Where ever there is struggle, wherever there is suffering, wherever there is failure, there is an absence of Truth.

There is one recipe for success in life, and it’s called Your Truth. By entering the realms of your Super Conscious Mind, you get to see what constitutes your truth versus what is a non-truth. So much in life, so many of our decisions are based in non-truth, i.e false ideas about ourselves and our reality. Without truth, how can one build a successful and fulfilling life? To base one’s life on what is false only perpetuates more non truth, more suffering and stagnation. With Truth, miracles become your everyday reality.

Ui is Truth. Let it set you free!

"There Is Literally No Greater Skill On Earth, Worthy Of Your Investment.”
Daniel Rechnitzer

Get one-on-one help from our highly trained Ui Mentors, supporting your journey every step of the way, and highlighting the fast-track to accessing your greatness.

What You Learn

Module 1 – Inner Knowing·1. Heightened Intuition & Mental Stillness
2. Clearing the Ego & Accessing Self-belief
3. Accessing Ui - Your ALL KNOWING Higher Self

Module 2- Inner Reality·
1. Recreating Your Reality from the Inside Out
2. Accessing the Subconscious Mind
3. Removing Subconscious Limiting Beliefs

Module 3 – Inner Health
1. ‘Body Talk’ - getting answers from the body
2. Access the root cause of illness and disease
3. Pave the way for rapid healing and recovery


Access Deep Meditative
States of Stillness without

Activate & Heighten Your
Extra Sensory Perception

· Clear Old Programs & Remove
the Limiting Beliefs Creating
Self Sabotage

· Learn Profound Healing Secrets
to Become Your Own Healer

Access the Well Of
Limitless Creativity

What Attendees Say...

"After 25 years of diligent practice of yoga and meditation, I had developed a thumbnail size amount of intuitive connection and spiritual awakening in comparison to the profound depth of my awakening that I have acquired from these Ui techniques!” Steve Salvato, San Diego

"There are no limits to the words to describe what you can learn from this experience. You can learn how to use the energy around us to gain experience, understanding and knowledge.” Dean Hodges, Rimmer Lawyers.

"I attribute my success (an increase from $3 million in loans written to $9 million, in 1 month) to the Ui workshops I attended, and mentoring I’ve had over the past month. The money I invested in workshops and mentoring has clearly paid for itself only one month later, and I can only say ‘watch this space‘.” Linda Ireland, Mortgage Choice.

"If there is a secret to happiness then you may just find it here.” Ian Robinson, Australia Access The ALL KNOWING
Super Conscious Mind,
Ui, Your Higher Self.

Parking available across the street for $5.00 for the day

Please bring snacks and drinks. Lunch break of 45 minutes provided.
Venue does have on-site restaurant.

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