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Welcome to NYC Brainy Activities!

Brainy Activities are group based toddler classes in New York City that is aimed to be affordable. We schedule convenient toddler classes all over NYC that you can choose to participate in according to you and your toddler's schedule and interest.

How the group works:

1. We list a variety of classes and have parents take polls to see which classes have the most interest.

2. Then, we hire dance teachers, art teachers, music teachers, and sports coaches to conduct the classes. We do this only for the toddler classes that have the most interest; this makes voting one of the most important aspects of this group. Click here (https://www.meetup.com/BrainyActivities/polls/) to take the polls.

3. Parents then RSVP for the classes they wish their kids to participate in.We aim to make commitment convenient, you are a member of this meet up, but you only pay for & participate in the classes that you desire!

4. Some classes may cap out at a certain number of toddlers, thus sign up is on a first come, first serve basis. Classes may also get rescheduled or cancelled if the minimum number of toddlers is not met, and payments will be appropriately refunded. We hope for this never to happen, which is why spreading the word of this group is so vital to the success!

The benefits of this group:

1. Cost effective- since we hire the teachers/coaches ourselves, the cost is much lower, per class, than anywhere else. Our goal is to make each class ten dollars or less* thus taking away the anxiety of parents to feel they have to pay alot to enhance their children's expanding minds & growing bodies.

2. Variety- Since the classes will always be different, your child will never get bored, and you’ll get to know your child’s interests.

3. Schedule- No locked in schedule; you may be able to attend one week and not the next.

4. Community- Our hope is to create a diverse community of parents and toddlers who will be active in supporting each other.

*there may be some classes that may require a slightly higher fee (i.e. art classes requiring supplies, etc), however, this cost will be transparent up front. Our main goal is to keep costs low!

Please remember that we opened this group recently and need much support to spread the word (https://www.meetup.com/BrainyActivities/importcontacts/). We also welcome references for great teacher or ideas on classes.

The first classes will start in April, this will give us the time to get more members into the group and lower the class cost. Click here (https://www.meetup.com/BrainyActivities/polls/) to vote on which classes we will make available.

Thank you for your support, let’s make this a great place for our children to grow and develop!


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