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Rated Brampton's best, worst, and only explicitly atheist Meetup!!!!!!!

Let's not pretend that atheism––in and of itself––is a paradigm, delivering all precepts needed for maintaining the optimal worldview. Just as the scientific method builds rational confidence in what we may call a "fact" i.e., a part of our world that simply: 'is'; it is only after truly collaborative deliberation that we can work toward concluding what we now: 'ought' to do in light of discovery.

And let's not act as if, by mere virtue of finding each other under the same 'atheist' banner, that we therefore share all other beliefs, or even those closely revolving around our atheism.. we're individuals.

Here, we can examine how greatly our opinions may vary, or overlap.

Also, if you're actually a theist, who just wants to consult the atheists your parents warned you about, OR, perhaps you want to persuade me from my atheism: you're also invited.

The policy is to have respect for open dialogue across the compass of beliefs.

Feel encouraged to contact me regarding anything here†.

† "here" is a notion up for debate

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