What we're about

This is a Group for ANYONE who Loves The Lord at heart and wants to serve Him in Sincerity and Humility through Evangelism and The Word. It is a Group with a Passion for Christ`s Great Commission, and Studying and Sharing the Word. If you have the Zeal in your Heart to Share the Good News about Jesus Christ to the World, This is a Perfect Spot and Opportunity to Participate with us and Practice your Faith, for the REWARDS are GREAT (Luke 18:29-30).
Our places of Evangelism include a WIDE variety of places: The Commercial and Residential Buildings and Complexes, Community Centers, the Homeless Shelters, Shelters for the Vulnerable, the Correctional Facilities, the Parks, the Malls , Movie Theaters, Police Stations, Yes, to those who Serve and Protect us, Visitations, Street level Evangelism, on commercial buses, Drive-Thru Retailers, Door-2-Door Evangelism, Your neighborhood, Indoor/Outdoor, and other venues (Anywhere Adam or Eve lives and/or works).
Mode of Evangelism: Sharing the Word by word of mouth, one-on-one or public address, giving away evangelism materials like gospel tracts, bibles, scriptural T-shirts, door hangers, seasonal cards, gift items, and in social media, by phone, email, etc.
Evangelism Days are Saturdays. Duration of Productive Activity will range between 1 to 2 hours. We meet, Pray, and Set out. Times and Venue will be determined before each schedule.
We also meet on determined scheduled times to study the Word and Pray to equip ourselves for the task ahead.
Please feel free to join The Lord`s Army, or Contact me by email comeze3@yahoo.com for any questions or further clarification.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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