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Are you a business owner who is frustrated by unpredictable income and client flow? Do you wonder how to talk to the 2 main types of people you need to talk to? Your potential client and you potential profitable networking partner? Let me help you!

You have heard of that famous 'elevator pitch' that everyone talks about...but have you got one that is right for the 2 kinds of people you need to talk to? Most people only consider potential clients, then go to a networking group and use the same pitch...and instead repel potential business relationships. They don't need your pitch! They need to hear how your business intersects with theirs!

I will be at Williams Cafe on West St Tuesday Feb 19th at 7.00pm. Please let me know you are coming so I know how many to set the table for! ;) We'll buy some coffee and a treat, talk about your business, and write your elevator speech based on a great outline that you can spin for your potential clients and then rewrite for networking use as well! Yes, you need to tell a fellow networking something totally different than a potential client or you will come across as pitchy, and everyone hates to get pitches at networking meetings!

My superpower is business coaching, so after we work on everyone's material, I will have an offer for you to listen to. Then you will walk out feeling confidently prepared to present the value of your service in your next client conversation and/or your networking conversation! Bring paper because you will be making notes!

Join now as I don't know how long this will stay free!

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