What we're about

This is a group for everyone in Braunschweig and the surrounding area who is interested in the technology and theory behind Big Data systems. If Batch Processing, Stream Processing, Message Broking or even Machine Learning are part of your everyday life or your passions, then you are exactly right here.

At our meetups we exchange information about new trends, methods, systems, theory and everyday life around the fast moving and current topic Big Data (Storage and Processing). To do so, we use a mixture of open discussion groups, short presentations and lightning talks. And if one or the other expert can be persuaded to come to Braunschweig and speak to an interested group, that would be great too ;).

For us, the way is the goal: to improve together in a passion that unites us.

Upcoming events (1)

Big Data Meetup – Getting to know each other

Welcome to the Big Data Meetup Braunschweig! This meeting is first of all about us as a group. We would like to meet in an open round at a nice place, talk about Big Data topics and get to know each other better. We, personally, are e.g. interested in the following topics: Akka Streams, Flink, Beam, Spark, Hadoop, Kubernetes, Kafka, Evidence-based Decision Making, StreamSQL, and many more. We can and should also talk about how we as a group could imagine further meetings to be. As organizers we already have some thoughts on this, but we are open to other ideas. So if that is your thing, feel free to chime in! As the first location we chose the Quartier on the TU campus. It offers a relaxed atmosphere with food and drinks. Since the Quartier is quite cosy, only 15 people fit the meetup this time. But don’t worry: We have already talked to some third parties who are willing to sponsor bigger venues next time ;). We are looking forward to meeting you!

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