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BraveHeart Women Ripples happen on the 11th of every month all over the world. Join us now, if you would like to be part of this growing global movement.



Resounding “yes” to creating community with like-hearted women! Will the female gender blossom into deeper essence as we ripple harmony between us? yes! Will we create transformation within the world as we embrace who we are? yes! Remember Your Purpose!

Inspired to create a high vibe space for women to connect, open their hearts, release their stress, and be acknowledged as the beautifully magnificent women that they are. Engage with other Brave-Hearted Women and feel the joy of being seen.

Passionate about women shifting from over-giving to overflowing, from guilt to glow, and from the fear of being rejected to the joy of being received. Calibrate Your Cells with New Imprints of Possibility and infuse them into your Personal, Professional, and Global Purpose!

Professional Visionaries, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, and beyond, welcome. Enter the realm of Ease by leaving the space of fight, flight, and freeze. Ignite your blossoming voice, declare your space, and be fully embraced!

Love the intention of women being in joy, creating with courage, and collaborating for harmony, locally and globally! Value yourSelf and enjoy two hours per month, just for You, as you ripple and receive!

Ecstatic about you, the woman of the 21st Century/Age of Aquarius/the Millennial Shift. Embody and emanate your SHE-Soul’s Highest Expression-as now is the time, this is the life, and you are the one.


Here is what you will experience at a Ripple.


You'll be able to learn about the female physiology and learn about Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a natural hormone that can enhance the personal, professional, and global aspects of your purpose in life. When you embrace an Oxytocin (Ease) lifestyle, rather than an adrenaline base (fight, flight, or freeze) existence, here are some of the many benefits you can experience.

• Supports women to see one another as sisters; here to support the shift away from ego and toward Essence.

• Inspires you to give birth to, to nurture, and to bond with your Purpose.

• Supports you to heal and nourish your connection to yourSelf through increased feelings of self love and self trust.


During each Ripple, you’ll also be able to experience a variation of a Harmony Circle focusing on one aspect of your purpose. The focus and the intention of each Harmony Circle will be to release old patterns and create new imprints of possibility within you and within our collective energy of the female gender.

Every nuance of each Harmony Circle that you’ll enjoy at a monthly Ripple, will be a deeply profound experience with the intention of releasing our obsolete evolutionary behaviours that get in the way of harmony within us and harmony between us. Harmony Circles draw us out of the shadows of our inner patterns, equipping us with the awareness of new imprints and therefore unleash our creative potential to become the catalyst for transformation in our own lives, within the female gender, and therefore creative a massive global shift.


At each Ripple, you’ll also receive a ‘Female Success Model” gem. They will inform and educate you to become more magnetic and authentically influential, supporting your voice to blossom, while educating you on how to actualise your aligned intentions.


During Ripples, you’ll enjoy a few minutes of DYBO… DYBO stands for Dance You ‘Buts’ Off. Not the butts you sit on, the ‘Buts’ you live in. How many times have you heard yourSelf say that you would love to do something...But you’re too busy...But you’re too tired...But you don’t have what it takes?

These ‘Buts’ block the path to reaching our full potential, to creating the life we desire, and to living life with more ease. DYBO allows us to tap into our body's’ inner wisdom so we can dance off our buts, and therefore allow more ease throughout our day.


The Ripples will have a warm and friendly vibe and ambiance for you to enjoy.


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