What we're about

Challenged in these times? Are you remembering to Breeeeaaathe???

Come to this 1hour Active Breath Workshop.

Actively participate in part in this structured Breathe technique, taking deep breathes , Awakening your body and spirit and relaxing your mind.

Laugh, cry, scream, giggle . Process whatever you need to move through.

Let it go. Let it out. Let it be.

Feel safe. Feel accepted. Feel free.


In this new virtual world we will work collectively from our own comfortable place.

Here we will actively give our energy as well as be welcome to receive.

A process of healing can begin and we can experience ourselves transporting our earthly conciousness beyond this 3D world and fly into the world beyond.

Treat yourself and be apart of this Breathe work, for peace, love and communion amoungst us all. Celebrating ourselves and eachother.

Come and be a proud Active participant in creating a healing energy together in this global Evolution.

Breathe... we are all in this together

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