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Who: Anyone who either is looking to build a mindfulness practice into their lives or rekindle one from the past. Anyone who is curious about meditation and wanting to try it using a really accessible straightforward approach. Anyone who has no idea what mindfulness is and just wants to learn some tools to become less stressed, scattered, irritable and feel more grounded and happy. Those going through tough times looking for tools to help them cope. Those who are in a funk and looking to get out!
Why? Why not? :)

A little about me: I do yoga and meditate because I NEED to! It's what keeps me grounded and happy when my life because hectic or I hit a rough patch. I was introduced to meditation, while learning to cope with some health conditions, at the time it was the only thing that helped. Later I was lucky to find further relief with nutrition and movement. Now I'm driven to learn more and have been studying nutrition (I'm certified as an integrative nutrition coach), meditation and yoga (current yogi instructor in the making). My goal is to share the little I have learned in hopes to help others live the most whole and happy lives possible! **** If you are a yoga instructor or guide meditation feel free to reach out if you'd like to give some of your time as well!

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30 minute Mindfulness Meditation for everyone! (Free)

Powerlift SF

Mindfulness Meditation for Everyone! (Free)

Powerlift SF

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