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Calling all Aquarists!
If you are looking for some Family Fun with an aquarium twist.... JOIN US for our new 2017 “KIDS CONNECT” Weekend Workshop Series where we combine educational aquarium topics with lots of FUN, prizes and so much more! The second monthly session of this trimester starts May 6th, so register NOW! Check Out the Schedule for this year here: https://www.newwaveaquaria.com/fish-school-weekend-seminar-upcoming-events/

So...What is this program about?

As you all know, all of us at New Wave are passionate about what we do and want to formally invite you to New Wave Aquaria “Fish School,” a open seminar for ALL ages, on the first Saturday of each month.
Each month we will focus on a new topic of discussion and ultimately, help you better understand how to take good care of your home aquarium and gain confidence in the hobby. The second session in May we will focus on Breeding and Aquaculture-related topics:

**How to aquaculture corals and clams
**How breed fish and inverts (Including the Yellow and Blue Hippo Tang breeding projects)
**Best foods to maintain a healthy broodstock and raise fry
**Best breeders for beginners
**Share personal experience and successes about Orchid Dottybacks, Harlequin Shrimp, Dwarf Angels and Clownfish
**Fancy results of breeding projects: extreme tails, crazy patterns and more!
**SALES! SALES! SALES including: Angelfish Pairs, Royal Grammas, Banggai Cardinals, Anthias Trios, Clownfish, Homegrown Frags, Fragging Supplies, Refugium Kits and many more.

Time and date:
New Wave Aquaria, May 6th 2017, 10AM-12PM, Lunch to follow.

Whether you have questions, would like to learn about the topic, or just have some fun, this event is for YOU!

Space is limited, Sign up TODAY! 25 Spaces Available.
Can’t Make It? Get Online Access! What the ticket includes:

-Access to interactive presentations during the day
-Lunch: Pizza, Beverages and Snacks
-Door Prizes, and LOTS OF SALES on select topic items
-Interactive fragging
-Interactive fish pairing
-FREE Raffle Ticket to win:
Fertility Frenzy Packs or samples.
A fish pair (TBA)

Please sign up here:
Or give us a call at 7637109386
Or send us a message on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewWaveAquaria/

See you all soon!!!

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