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Hello there, Am wanting to share my food talents that I've acquired in the last 40 years. Have been thinking of offering cooking classes again. When I came upon this Meetup with a request for a coordinator I knew that my quest was being answered. So here goes. I am not trying to sound like expert yet I have many different styles and food plans to teach from. Asking anyone who sees this message to please reply with an interest that you may have about food clases. I have written my own cookbook which is International style with meals from soup to dessert in each nationality. I also have been on the ground level for different styles of eating that have become popular: ie. vegetarian, vegan, raw, basic living (kim chee, sprouting, seasonal eating, nightshade free for arthritis, canning, juicing ) I hope you get my drift.

I love setting my classes up where students work with me in my own kitchen then upon completion we will eat what we have made together or send it home with you.

Please reply if interested in learning from me and what it is you want to learn. If 5 people are interested I will provide information from there about type of class, date of class or series if interested in setting that up, and pricing. Also thinking about day of classes. Trying to accommodate everyone is hard. Looking at the idea of a Wed. and/or Saturday class. Time of day is negotiable also knowing work and family needs. Please be proactive with me here so that I may provide my service in a manner to suit you the student.

To the day when we may eat that elephant one bite at a time.

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