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Brentford Sound Bath is a fortnightly meeting in West London for anyone seeking a moment of peace in a hectic life, those wishing to explore their spirituality in a secular world, those seeking to connect with the universal collective unconscious or those exploring alternative/complementary forms of healing. Sound has long been known to have an effect on our emotions and therefore our wellbeing, listen to your favourite song or piece of music and see what I mean. Music can make us smile, laugh, cry and dance. We don’t need to know why it does this we are just glad that it does. Sound can be understood mathematically, it can be measured and reproduced, which suits the scientific modalities and sensibilities (Left Brain) but we are also creative, we derive inspirations in the most unlikely of places and find pleasure in the things we cannot or do not wish to explain (right Brain). To balance these we need to have our thoughts and feelings integrated as a whole just as the left and right brain, as different as they are, are still one brain. Sound too has been used for millennia in religious and spiritual practice, be it to call people to prayer, to induce altered states of consciousness, to open us up to connection or give thanks with our voices. Sound is physical as well as spiritual. In it’s physical form sound travels as a wave, it travels through solid walls, water and air, it travels through and in to us. Sound affects our physical bodies as well as our Auric bodies. Sound is the manifestation of frequencies and frequencies are energy. Everything has it’s own frequency and therefore it’s own energy. We have our own energy and frequency too, therefore we are energy, energy is everything, we are everything, everything is us and everything is one. It is this oneness that the Brentford Sound Bath seeks to connect with. People experience the Sound Bath in many different ways and report many different affects. I intentionally do not write these here because I do not want to create an expectancy. I would like to be with you in the space sharing the beautiful sounds of theses sacred instruments, for you to have ‘An Experience as Unique as You Are’ I look forward to meeting you Peace and Blessings Ian

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