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We're a group based in Brentwood and surrounding areas for anyone who loves books and wants to meet once a month.

We meet on the second Monday of the month, and have been running for about four years, and have a great group of keen and regular readers.

We are very informal, and find ourselves discussing the latest TV literary adapatations as much as the books themselves.

Join us, you'll be very welcome :) but please note - if you can't attend a meet up please update your RSVP or send me a message. No Shows won't be tolerated in the group.

Couple of ‘rules’:
We select two books a month, you don’t have to read them both.
We choose by pulling out of a hat.
Please bring suggestions for next month’a read.
Please keep suggestions to paperbacks (new hardbacks can be expensive) and preferably less than 500 pages as people may not have time to read them.

Jill and Clare

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INFO ONLY - Havering Literary Festival

Needs a location

Hi all. Just wanted to send the link to the Havering Literary Festival. I know most of you are out of the area but there may be something you want to travel to. I am not intending to organise any groups to attend, but hope some of you do get to go. There is a charge for most events. Enjoy! https://issuu.com/haveringcouncil/docs/haveringliteraryfestival2019

Review The Farm / The Butterfly Room

De Rougemont Manor

Hi all thanks for coming to the October meeting. We have selected to read: The Farm - Joanne Ramos (Catherine's suggestion) The Butterfly Room - Lucinda Riley (I think Kim's suggestion?) We reviewed The Secretary by Renee Knight and rated it 6/10 We felt the book's ending was unsatisfactory and felt rushed. We found Mina - the boss in the story - to be manipulative, and that Christine, the eponymous Secretary to be a little deluded and blinded by loyalty to Mina, and possibly affected by That said, some of us have met secretaries like Christine who are fiercely protective of their bosses and won't let anyone have access. We have read Renee Knight before, and preferred her previous book - Disclaimer. We also read One Minute Later by Susan Lewis, rating it 6/10. This is about Vivi - an overachieving lawyer of just 27 who suffers a severe coronary. She is then taken away from her privileged London life to move back to her home town to recuperate while waiting for a transplant.The parallel story of Shelley and her family was linked quite late into the book, and we liked that a real person impact by organ transplant was incorporated into the book, and felt it raised awareness of the importance of donation. We read Identity Crisis by Ben Elton and rated it 8/10. We felt it satirised the current state of the nation very well. No new topic went unscathed. Elton's politics are somewhat left leaning but he skewered both sides of the political environment. The book was quite light on plot, despite 11 murders! However, the victims served as a device to comment on a number of topics: Russian interference, Cambridge Analytica, hashtags, gender identity, Love Island, electoral fraud, whistleblowers, outrage/offence, MeToo, and there were thinly veiled characterisations of Harvey Weinstein and Boris Johnson. Other suggestions were: Notes From An Exhibition - Patrick Gale Educated - Tara Westover The Holiday - TM Logan The Wall - John Lancaster Hope to see you all the next meetup and the usual £1.50 fee applies. Our goodreads link is here, this requires an approval as it is open to people that attend the meetup only. https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/141216-brentwood-book-club-uk

Christmas Celebrations 2019

Masons Restaurant (carpark)

As we enjoyed it so much last year, we are choosing to celebrate again at Masons Restaurant in Brentwood on Monday 16th December. We will have a three course meal costing £24.95 per person. We need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £10 per person within two weeks of booking, and will need to pre-order our food. As we may be a larger group I will make the reservation at the beginning of October with a view to collecting deposits and meal choices at the October meetup. If you would like to attend but will not be at the meetup, you can send the £10 to me via my paypal at [masked] and let me know in the event comments (please don't send any correspondence to that email). If using paypal, please make sure I receive £10, as paypal deducts fees. Please see link below for the menu, if anyone has any dietary requirements then let me know so that I can discuss with the restaurant https://masonsrestaurant.co.uk/christmas-fayre-menu/

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