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Welcome to Health, Fitness and Kinesiology based in the Brentwood area. The title represents working in different ways with the whole self. In a way that is individually suitable to you, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We are all unique and individual, therefore there is never only one way to work with the body.

If you are concerned about your health, well-being and looking for a local Fitness Class, with no subscriptions, no monthly fees, just pay as you attend a class. That includes a mixture of "external" and "internal" movements for Strength, Flexibility, Tone and Alignment for the whole body and mind, then hopefully there is a class to suit you.

Classes includes :

• Zumba dance fitness and Zumba Burst (based on H.I.I.T)

• Body Conditioning

• Legs, Bums & Tums

• Core Stability and Ab Workout

• Circuits and Cardio Combat

• Power Walking.

• Pilates

• Yoga (Ashtanga, Hatha, Kriya, Yin Stretches), including Mudra, Mantra and Bandhas

• Tai-Chi Qigong & Meridian exercises

• Breathing & Relaxation Techniques (pranayama)

• Meditation

• Tai-Chi, Yoga and Kinesiology Fusion **

• Tension Release Technique

• Optimum Nutrition

** Kinesiology combines the ancient healing of traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture pressure points combined with modern muscle testing techniques to help us communicate better with our body. Kinesiology works with all layers : physical, mental, emotional, psychological, physiological, bio-mechanical, bio-chemical, and energetic.

For complete wholeness. Classes are £4.50 for one class or £6 if you attend both classes back to back for both External + Internal class.

Periodically, we run Spiritual Well Being Day's and focus will be tailored to specific therapeutic themes, on an element or season. For example, Winter is the Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Elements or Water Element relating to the Kidney/Bladder Meridians, Root/Sacral Chakras, foot, heel and leg muscles, Fears, Wisdom and transitional states, like the menopause.

My Ethos is, our bodies represent our Vehicles that house the precious Soul, and the driver of the vehicle. It is therefore essential to take care of our vehicle so that we may unite, reconnect with our inner beings in Oneness.

Issues, deficiency or blockages occur when we neglect either the body, mind or soul.

For more information, or to receive Monthly Timetable of classes/events, please contact me :

Email : gill.bauer@btinternet.com
Website : Tranquil-waves-of-motion.co.uk

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Shrink Workout - Create & Set your Intentions for 2019

South Weald Parish Hall

This class/workshop combines creating Intentions, visualising what you want and setting them into motion. January marks the month that represents the start of the year of new beginnings. We place much emphasis on the ending of one year and beginning of the next, which is traditionally a time when we contemplate the possibility of change, or more so promote new possibilities and intentions for the year ahead. This shouldn't be a stressful time of looking backward into what can not be changed or what might have been, but instead one of looking forward with excitement, hope and aspirations of what can be achieved. If January is a clean slate on which we can start over - remember every breath marks the start of every new moment, you deserve great moments in your life that simply take your breath away! What does the image say to you in terms of Intention? Of course the first thing it screams, flatter stomachs look great in jeans - this is not to make us feel bad about our bodies, but instead we use powerful visualisation and motion to set about bringing what we want into Reality. What I like most about this image its optimism! Its NOT me by the way.... The image doesn't demand me, in order to get a flatter or toner stomach to do crunches for an hour a day, or it doesn't tell me that I have to stop eating bread, or get my micro biome balanced, or buy bigger or smaller jeans, or if I reduce my stress levels I will stop storing excess Cortisol around my waist, or stop protecting my most vulnerable place with layers, Stop storing emotions here, that eventually excess oestrogen stored here will be utilised, and lastly it doesn't say stop eating chocolate. Because if it did I would rebel, instead it reminds me of the possibility! And it gives me free choice to think, act, or behave towards its goal. When we set intentions into motion we move towards them - in positive and constructive ways, with kindness and compassion.

Tai-Chi Qigong for Beginners

South Weald Parish Hall

Learn the health principles of Tai-Chi QIGONG for Beginners Every Monday 3.30pm-4.30pm : Class £5 Each week we learn something new! There are many benefits of Tai-Chi Qigong from help improving posture, reduce stress, improve physical and mental performance, support the nervous system and help realize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. Our goal will be balancing the flow of Qi in the body so that it circulates without disruption in a smooth powerful way. Our wellness may be determined by the state of our flow of Qi. When Qi is flowing freely in a balanced manner throughout the body, we have good health. These friendly classes use gentle movements which are suitable for men and women of all ages and ability. Modifications of movements can easily be achieved standing or sitting. Come experience the health benefits of Tai-Chi Qigong.

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Energy Fusion : Yoga, Pilates & Qigong

South Weald Parish Hall

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