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Sep 13, 2012


"Faith is not a virtue, it's a shield for those who refuse to face reality"

Are you an atheist, agnostic, secular humanist, something else,or all of the above?

Like Hitchen's said "I'm an anti-theist"

At what age did you realize you were an atheist/agnostic/something else?

It was in my twenties. I was raised catholic. I just couldn't justify the idiocy of the whole thing.

Who is your favorite freethinker?

The usual suspects: Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins, Twain, Paine, Russell,Boghossian, Maher, Krauss, Rushdie, Hawkins, Einstein etc.....

Have you had any difficulties or interesting stories to share because of your religious beliefs?

I don't have religious beliefs. I have had many experiences that were difficult because of other people's religious beliefs.

What is your favorite quote?

Heard it recently, not my favorite but it fits the group. "It's time to stop playing nice with bad ideas". -Peter Boghossian