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The Greenback Academy
Learn all about US Treasury Green—everything we all wish we would’ve learned in High School. Updates will be announced as needed but we are excited that Scott Lurie along with Marcus Auerbach will be on this panel. We will also have Landmark Credit Union as well as some traditional lenders. In the first portion of the Meetup, Scott Lurie and Marcus Auerbach will share their stories of how they used money to creatively to build long term wealth with real estate. The second portion of the meetup will be specific to loans and our banks & credit unions will join in the discussion to answer some lending questions and share tips and facts. Scott Lurie, Milwaukee Hard Money will also share in the discussion as well as Marcus Auerbach who will be able to answer questions on investing/lending out of self-directed IRA’s. Some of the points of interest: • The most common loans used in real estate investing and determining which loan is best for you • Important questions you should be asking your lender but probably aren’t. Qualities to look for to identify experienced lenders (the ones that will go the extra mile or will quote you the best loan product that fits your needs without you having to ask). • What is the lender going to be looking at during the loan approval process? • Down payment options? Mortgage Insurance—what is it? • HELOC vs mortgage • When to consider re-fi’ing or checking on a re-fi and what to consider when re-fi’ing • Strategies to negotiate for better rates/terms/loan costs? What are discount points & origination fees and are those negotiable? • BRRRR Strategy tips and facts about the re-fi portion Throughout the meetup, members will be able to ask their questions as well. MEETUP IS $10 CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR!!!!! Location to be announced. *UNIFY*EDUCATE*INSPIRE*

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