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I am so happy to finally open to the community of Meet-up. Working with healing has not only helped me overcome so many diseases but also sustain in these very tough Earth times, and along the way assisting others as well. Understanding energy in all dimensions and sorting it out on earth is my specialty. You are welcome to be part of Bridge of Light Worldwide healers, life coaches, yoga teachers, doctors, teachers, ministers, counselors and spiritual soul seekers. Our community is holistic minded into organic, herbology, bodywork, homeopathy and health conscious lifestyles(and educating in these areas). Looking forward to meeting you soon. Blessings, Stephanie

This heart filled group is for those individuals on spiritual path seeking to continually grow, learn, teach, support each other and inspire. We have been meeting in Orlando for 21 years but new to meetup so most of our members won't show up on meetup. We have awesome meditation gatherings filled with all love and light. You will always feel welcome here especially if you are a true spiritual seeker. (yoga teachers, massage therapist, acupuncturists, hands on healers, school teachers all resonate well here) We always welcome children, youth and young adult in our classes, especially those who are spiritually, energy sensitive and finding place in this world needing support(as most of our youth are incredibly gifted spiritually, we seek to help keep those gifts active, open and nurtured). A big part of our mission is supporting those on a path to help mankind through healing, inspiring, teaching or intuitive based counseling, or some other life calling. Thus we offer Ministerial Degree Doctorate level programs for those finding themselves looking to open their own Non-Profit Ministry to support their calling be it hands on healing, counseling, or any other God given service. We offer classes( and professional CEU's pending) in many areas such as Reiki, Emf Balancing, Herbology, Ascension Meditations, Crystal Bowl Meditations and more. Like wise , other than being ungrounded with "all kinds of energy" we spend ample time in prayer, practicing Godly virtues as a core foundation to all meditation seeking to clear discordant energy patterns always. Most of our members are very sensitive to energy and come with gifts of healing or intuition( a lot of starseed type energy ). We seek to bridge the ancient scriptural teachings with our current energy in today's world. We come together because we are called to "help". Whether it be self healing, healing others, contributing back to society or educating. We are all on a path to healing ourselves and others and in constant study of these very complex areas. If you are looking to meet others of like mind or expand please come and connect. Bridging the other dimensions of light is a keynote of our group, working multi-dimensionally in a 3rd dimensional Earth shifting to higher dimensions is generally the focus. You can like on Facebook Stephanie Josephs or like page with event updates at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Center-for-Healing-Co-Stephanie-Josephs/158601987505718

Since a strong component of group is hands on healers and intuitives, we have learned that not all spiritual folk take the same care in their spiritual energy or had proper training as others, we are all on a journey. One of our goals is to assist in clarifying the energy field for spiritual people in Orlando and surrounding areas. It is more than apparent than many spiritually minded people who are seeking have "opened doors any and all, to what may not be all aligned with light, unaware in innocence" and their "energy" is not always clear on what they are opening up to. Many have histories in spiritual energy patterns that involve control, ego, black magic, etc. Many say they are teachers or healers but are simply not aware of what is attaching in their own energy field. This affliction can affect other spiritually clear members. We regret that all members may not be a fit for this group, thus we do require a phone interview and if requested private clearing or counsel prior to entering this group. If private clearing is involved this would be an outside fee at $125 per hour. Many in our Central FL Spiritual Community are simple unaware of the attachments, unfinished energy patterns and history that is strong in their energy field. Our group is uncommonly aware of other's energy. Thus out of great respect for community members who have diligently been studying and doing the work, by the group's strong demand- this clearing process is our solution to maintain integrity and keep our members spiritually safe. We hope that this doe not offend any who may happen to be in direct alignment with out group oversoul.

Therefore, please join, but put a call through to 407-421-3352 to have a phone appointment to go over your goals, interests and spiritual history. Please do not take it personal if it is found that your energy should come in and privately have healing clearing work done. Our goal is to teach as much of this as possible while maintaining clarity, spiritual purity and like vision amongst community.

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