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If you are looking to find authentic happiness, this is the group for you. We will teach you about the four pillars of happiness. These pillars are based on the teachings and concepts from the areas of psychology and spirituality.

Pillar 1: Understanding and developing unconditional love and acceptance for yourself.
Pillar 2: Developing compassion for all others.
Pillar 3: Developing authentic connections with others.
Pillar 4: Finding purpose and meaning to your life.

Lisa and Ana got together because of their shared vision of bringing authentic happiness to everyone whose lives they could touch. They truly believe that every person matters and that everyone deserves true happiness. Additionally, they believe by helping each person unlock their personal power, everyone will find their special gift they have to offer the world.

Lisa has been counseling clients since 2001 and holds her Masters in Counseling Degree. She had a spiritual awakening which transformed the way she worked with her clients. After working with Ana for her own spiritual ascension, she began introducing the practice of spirituality within her work and witnessed her clients finding their personal power more expediently than simply using the strategies from psychology.

Ana has been guided by her spiritual guides ever since she was four years old. Over the years, she learned the importance of personal transformation, unconditional love, and finding her purpose in life. This journey has taken her to open her heart for others and share her knowledge, spiritual practices including energy work, channeling, meditation to name a few, to help others step into their own power.

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Pillar 4 - Finding Purpose and Meaning in Your Life

Barrington Area Library

Had a very lively and engaging discussion for the first meetup on this topic. Thanks to all who attended. We touched on many areas including being driven by fear, law of attraction, clearing emotional baggage, spiritual growth and more. In this next meetup, we will continue discussing all the ways in which we can find and fulfill our purpose in life. We continue to be very excited to help everyone on this very important life journey. In order to make this group available to more people we have decided to accept donations instead of charging a fee.

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Pillar 4 - Finding Purpose and Meaning in Your Life

Barrington Area Library

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