Gratitude & Blessings Meditation


Giving: Thankfulness, Gratitude & Blessings

Come and sit and enjoy a gently guided meditation with a focus of Thankfulness, Gratitude and Blessings in a comfortable atmosphere of angelic music. This is designed for us to have time to feel and express thankfulness and gratitude and also to send and feel blessings. This can be for life, a situation, for others, self, earth or anything else. It is deeply relaxing and healing for us and others. The meditation room is candlelit and has couches, chairs, floor cushions and lovely salt lamps. Sound healing with crystal bowl and Tibetan bowl gently used throughout session. No experience necessary. Introverts welcome. Bright Star Studio is near Patton Park. Suggested donation of $10 (less than the cost of 2 mocha latte Frappuccino's), for those who can, to help keep these going. All are welcome. Call Leigh at[masked] with any questions. Website is Namaste!