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Donation Based Event - We are offering our events on a donation basis to allow spirituality to be as accessible as possible. Please scroll down to the bottom to see how our donation system works :)


The Group Energy Experience nights are wonderful experiences of sharing healing with each other in pairs. Whether or not you have experience already as a healer doesn't matter - you will be easily guided to open to energy that you can channel during healing. Energy healers of various healing systems (including Spiritual Healing, Angelic Reiki, Usui Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta) will be there too.

Group energy experiences are specifically powerful in that they work with the energies of the entire room, amplifying to create a very deep experience by all.

Gentle relaxing healing music will be there, and the opportunity to receive and practice this wonderful art. Please bring water with you!


Note to participants

If this is your first time ever experiencing healing/energy, it is a very gentle yet powerful form of relaxation, deep peace, warmth and love.

The evening begins with a meditation Each healer will approach you, stand behind you and place their hands on your head, shoulders or back. Some healers use hands-off healing and work with your aura. Some may place their hands on your knees or feet, but for female participants we do not work on the front of your body. All you have to do is simply close your eyes and relax! There is no need to try and clear your mind, simply feel whatever it is you are feeling and go with the process. Take note of what you are thinking about, feeling, seeing in your mind's eye, and just enjoy the experience. After the break in the middle of the evening, be sure to put your hand up if you require more healing. Healers are more than happy to give, and may have missed you beforehand Each participant should receive approximately 2-3 healings for the evening. If you are not directly receiving healing from a healer, please sit back and relax in the Group Energy that accumulates from all those involved. Please feel free to get up from your seat at any time to visit the bathroom or to have a break. There is an official break halfway through, for water and a stretch of legs. The evening then ends with a grounding meditation

This is a donation based event- Suggested minimum donation - £5. Please however make a donation relevant to the value you received from the event or what you can afford. Your donation which will be collected at the end. All donations are anonymous and all are honoured :) Please RSVP if you are able to attend the event and change your RSVP accordingly if you are unable to. Each RSVP is a valuable opportunity for someone to grow and expand, thank you and we look to forward to meeting you!

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