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Psychic Development Course 4 week Drop-in

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Price: £20.00 /per person

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Following on from the success of my first Psychic Development Course on the 22nd February this year, I have decided to hold 4 weeks of meet-ups to explore different ways of developing your skills in this fasinating arena. This will be mostly a practical course, learning through experience. There is a choice to attend all 4 sessions or pick and choose those which you are most drawn to. However, it is necessary to reserve your place in advance to guarantee a spot. Cost is £20 each session payable on the day, or £70 for all 4 weeks when paid in advance.

When : This is a 4 week course running on Saturday 29th March, Saturday 5th April, Saturday 12th April and Saturday 19th April.

What You Will Gain From the Course

* A chance to uncover and explore your psychic gifts in a safe and fun way

* Meet like-minded people A link to a teacher with more than 10 years in this field

*Development of your own spirituality and where your own spiritual path is leading you

* An increased ability to tap into your intuitive self and the link with the Universal Energy that is all around you.

* Spark your creative intrigue and bring a sense of ‘Magic’ to your world

* A chance to clear limiting beliefs that are acting as barriers to developing psychically, and learning to trust yourself and what you experience psychically as real, powerful and supportive to yourself and others.

Week 1 / 29th March

On Week 1, we will be looking at:

*Is there anything holding us back from expressing and developing our psychic abilities to their full potential? Removing limiting beliefs being held by the group through the use of Theta Healing

* Telepathy/ Extra-Sensory Perception – A chance to practice mind-to-mind communication in pair work

Week 2 / 5th April

In Week 2 we will be looking at:

* Psychometry – picking up information through touch using objects. A fascinating discovery of how and what information is held in an object and how to read it.

* Spirit Card Communication – Using a variety of spiritual cards, we will be learning how to intuitively read and interpret the card messages for ourselves and others.

Week 3 / 12th April

In Week 3 we will be looking at:

* A variety of practical exercise to develop your ability to read, see and feel the Aura, working individually and in pairs.

* Discovering and developing our knowledge of our own Chakras, how to interpret the messages we are feeling in our own energy fields and what they mean for us.

Week 4/19th April

In Week 4 we will be looking at:

*Pendulum Dowsing – discover how this ancient technique interacts with the Universal Energy and what it can tell us about us and our lives Muscle Testing –

*Learn a simple muscle technique to answer important questions about you and your life .

*Human Body – How to use your whole body as a Dowsing tool

What Else?

In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to sit in a beautiful tranquil space and experience simple meditations at the beginning and the end of each session. You will learn different techniques for opening and closing your energy field safely, as well as tips on how to ground, protect and clear your energy on a daily basis for tip-top well-being!


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