Project Management Boardgame: Playtest 'Project Ninjas'

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Happy New Year and welcome to Gamification+'s first gamification meetup of 2019.

For our first event we have invited Tania Vercoelen to showcase her new and exciting educational game: 'Project Ninjas'.

Please read the introduction Tania has written below about the game. Feel free to ask any additional questions you may have on here as a comment and one of our team will be sure to get back to you ASAP.


"Hello, my name is Tania Vercoelen and I am a learning designer based in London. My goal is to make learning fun and memorable and when the subject matter suits, I do this through play. I design a range of online games for employees to develop their skills and knowledge in the workplace. Recently, I have started getting into designing board games as I noticed there was a need for play and excitement during face-to-face workshops.

I have designed a new board game around the concept of Project Management. The game introduces colleagues to project management roles & responsibilities and the project lifecycle. There are also underlying learning objectives within the game such as:
- the importance of collaboration and team work during the project lifecycle
- the influence of good leadership skills within legal project management
- the effectiveness of communication skills within a project
- effective time management strategies during a project
- how performing under pressure can impact the project
- how a strategic mindset can influence a project

So, how can you help? I am currently in early stages with testing the game mechanics and looking at ways I can develop and improve the game. It is currently in a paper format for testing purposes and the graphics have not been produced yet. It would be great to get a few people to play the game and test the mechanics and see where improvements can be made. I have tested it a couple of times already and the feedback has been really positive and it’s heaps of fun.

The game takes around 40-60 minutes depending on the number of players. Afterwards, it would be great to have a conversation to discuss the mechanics and learning objectives. I’m also looking for ideas of next steps, as I have never produced a board game before and I know they are expensive. Where should I market and sell the game?

I hope you’re able to join us and have some fun! I look forward to seeing you."

We have highlighted some of the key benefits to this event below, and further have broken down the main themes that will be going on throughout the evening.

By attending this event you will:
☞ Learn more about project management
☞ Be able to see firsthand the amazing benefits of playtesting, especially if you are a games/gamification designer yourself
☞ Be one of the first to play this game
☞ Meet the game designer
☞ Know that the feedback you are giving will have a direct and helpful impact on future editions of the game
☞ Meet other games and gamification designers in and around Brighton/London

On the 24th we will:
☞ Welcome you at the entrance of The Projects where we will be hosting the meetup (5 mins)
☞ Have introductions and networking (15 mins)
☞ Play 'Project Ninjas' (60 mins)
☞ Give feedback (45 mins)
☞ Network (...until 9!)

So... join this group if you aren't already a member and then click the 'tick' (✅) to show that you are attending.

We look forward to meeting you on Janurary 24th at 6:00pm!