What we're about

Shy? Awkward? Previously under the illusion that social distancing was just normal life?


What we are

This is a local introverts social group. We're a private group of people who consider ourselves introverted or shy and are looking for other people to hang out with without feeling judged for being too quiet. Quiet is fine. Awkward is cool. To be honest, right now we're all sort of in the same boat social-wise...

What we are not

we are NOT a support group. Whilst there are many excellent social anxiety etc. support groups out there, this isn't one of them. We're not interested in what label you may or may not have but we do require you to be able to take responsibility for yourself during events. If you require additional support to do the above, this may not be the right group for you right now.

Group aims:

The aim of this group was to create regular meetings and outings to different places that people can dip in and out of as they feel up for it. These days, it's mostly online. If you want to run an event, message me or comment in our discord server.

There are no expectations and no pressure to talk or interact more than you are comfortable with. Nervous talkers also welcome (as are our secret extroverts and ambiverts :) )

Events are chosen and run by myself and other group members; these are things we're happy to go to on our own so whilst company is awesome, please don't feel any pressure to attend if you change your mind or aren't up for it. We're expecting groups to be small and will cap them at fairly low numbers.

Am I shy/introverted enough?

You don't need an official label. There isn't a threshold of shyness that you have to pass to join. All ages, genders and nationalities are welcome.

However we do ask that you be respectful and considerate of other members. Whilst we endeavor to be as understanding as possible, behavior that makes other members uncomfortable will not be tolerated. Likewise if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, please let us know and we'll sort it out.

If anyone has any ideas for future events or wants to run one themselves, please get in touch :)

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Ride to Shoreham

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Sunday 2nd August: L'Atalier du Vin Seven Dials

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