Brighton Magento Meet Up - February 2020


We're hosting our second Brighton Magento Meetup on the 5th February at the GENE office on Middle Street, kindly sponsored by Iomart.

Join us for pizza, drinks and some great talks from people in the Magento community!

We'll have talks from;

*Craig Newbury from GENE - "Evolution of the Checkout"
Taking a look at some old e-commerce examples, developments in the last few years and some proof of concepts for the future.

* Ellys Moyes from Yotpo - "Future-Proofing Your Loyalty Strategy - Understanding what drives long-term customer loyalty"
Consumers have come to expect more from brands — but they are also giving more in return. Despite the endless options for shopping both on and offline, today’s consumers are typically loyal to a shortlist of well-loved, trusted brands. So, what exactly is driving that long-term customer loyalty? What makes your customers tick? And most importantly, how can brands inspire loyalty that lasts? This presentation will hopefully be able to answer these questions and more, offering views into trends in brand loyalty and the future of eCommerce growth.

*Stephen Hill from Vaimo - "Why we buy"
Why do you buy stuff you don't need? Get ready to take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.... Stephen will highlight what's behind the scenes of this behaviour and share insights based on his experience working with brands from across the world.

Andre Reggo from Magento - "Update from Magento/Adobe"

Following the talks, we'll have an open discussion about Magento and also find out more about the topics you want to discuss, so for future events, we can bring in more great speakers you all want to hear from.

For those who want to join us after, we will be heading to the pub for a few drinks.

This meetup is open to ALL; Agencies, Merchants, Freelancers, Students et al.

Look forward to seeing you on the 5th of February!