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Mindfulness For Stress Course
Practice course at the Skiff Proposed date (TBC) May 22nd – July 10th

What is mindfulness?

• Clearer mind – increased attention and concentration enables you to do things better and faster
• Emotional intelligence – you’re better able to communicate and build healthy relationships
• Creativity – due to an ability to hold a wider perspective and think ‘outside the box’
• Decision making – and problem-solving skills, particularly at times of high pressure
• Healthy body – an enhanced ability to relax leads to a stronger immune system.
For good introductions to mindfulness, see:
BBC Breakfast interview with Dr Denny Penman
Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn video clip – the ‘godfather’ of secular mindfulness Mental Health Foundation description

About the sessions

The course will take place over 8 weekly or fortnightly sessions of 2 hours and each session will include some practical and experiential learning. This will involve meditation, simple physical movement, and discussion. We’ll also encourage you to do a bit of ‘home practice’ each day in between the sessions – from as little as 10 minutes. This will be through guided meditations and exercises using audio meditations

About the trainer

Hayley Harrison
Hayley started practicing meditation regularly in 2007 she then trained to teach in 2015/2016 in Mindfulness for health and Mindfulness for stress with ‘Breathworks’.
Hayley also completed Mindfulness for Leaders At Oxford University 2017
She continues to keep learning and practicing. She has completed the 8 weeks program in stress and health numerous times to support her learning.
This will be her first supervised practice course that she needs in order to fully qualify to teach she will be using these sessions as a way to develop some experience of teaching in the workplace.
For more information and if you feel you would like to participate
Book through meet up or
Contact hayley@officevitality.co.uk - 07595 824373

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Mindfulness drop in taster session

The Skiff

Mindfulness drop in taster session

The Skiff


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