Aegon's Conquest - House Hoare

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It is the Age of Conquest, three centuries before the events of Game of Thrones. Westeros stands as a fractured continent, with seven warring kingdoms jostling each other for power and dominance. A new power has invaded from Old Valyria, bringing with them fire and blood. The time is now ripe to establish yourselves as the strongest Kingdom of the realm and unite Westeros under your banner. Claim victory in this continent-spanning war and forge the Iron Throne!

Your noble House rules over the Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers, established over 8,000 years ago by your distant ancestor The Grey Kraken in the Age of Heroes. Your people are known as plunderers and pirates throughout your history. In more recent times, your House has used its swift longboats to conquer the plentiful lands surrounding the Trident river.

You rule from the largest castle in the Seven Kingdoms, the fearsome fortress known as Harrenhal, located on the shores of the God’s Eye inland sea. You rule over the most fierce and hard-bitten reavers in the Seven Kingdom. Your most powerful bannermen are Houses Greyjoy, Tully, Harlaw, and Frey.

Your House colors are black and blue. The sigils on your banner show the extent of your vast realm; the shores of the iron isles, the tall pines of Bear Island, and the fruits and ravens of the Reach that are terrorized by your longships. Bastards from your lands are named Rivers.