What we're about

Do you love America? Do you want to embrace being free? Are you a believer in every individual's birthright to happiness and liberty? If so, this is a chance for you to gather with like-minded people and embrace the wholesomeness inside yourself. You will be able to do the following without penalty:

-Love everyone equally

-Embrace family values

-Exercise the first and second amendment

-Support the police

-Promote personal responsibility

-Preserve morals

-Enjoy freedom

-Make friends with happy, healthy people

If you are sick of our totalitarian government and believe that face to face communication is paramount for nourishing social connections, then this is the group for you. We value tangible human connection over robotic communications here.

Your computer cannot cry with you, laugh with you, or hug you. Virtual meetings are no replacement for in-person social connections. Lack of genuine social connections leads to depression and suicide. If you are uneasy about the fact that the media has continued to focus on rising Covid cases as lockdown-caused suicide rates soar past the death rates of the virus, then you have come to the right place. If you've been unaware of that fact and would like to be enlightened, then this is the group for you, too. We are dedicated to nourishing health and wellbeing.

We are founded on the belief that all humans should have a right to their own bodies and that the government should have no right in regulating what we wear, how we walk, who we see, or where we go. We think that everyone deserves informed consent, the right to make their own health decisions, and the right to resist medical care regardless of any news in the media. We also consider every individual essential.

This group will include activism, workshops, plans to teach others about propaganda and how this differentiates from science, critical thinking, debates, journalism, hiking trips, coffee conversations, political events, graphic designing, laughter, new friendships, genuine social connection, and just plain old doing the right thing.

Although this is founded on conservative principles, you do not need to be a conservative to join. This is an inclusive group open to anyone who is curious about the current state of affairs, wants to explore their political views, is eager to learn how to think for themselves, or would simply just like to make new friends and feel connected with others. Everyone is welcome. Let's be happy and wholesome together!

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