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Weekday Daytime Games

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Weekday Daytime Games


Hi all!

With the wet and windy winter now well on its way, its time to start thinking seriously about grabbing every last bit of sunshine... and that means playing on weekday daytimes for those of us who can!

I know that there are quite a few people in this group who are either self-employed, students, generally work funny hours or are otherwise able to play during the day sometimes. If this is you, and you fancy the occasional Tuesday-Friday afternoon game, sign up to this 'meetup'. That way we will build a little group here and we will be able to email just those people who may be able to come when we organise daytime games, without pestering the poor people who do not enjoy this luxury.

So, to sum up, this is not an actual meetup - by signing up Yes here what you are doing is enabling us to email you about weekday daytime games. You would then sign up to actual meetups in the usual way.

See you all soon!!


PS If you have any days you can't do or other special requirements, maybe pop these in your comments
Needs a location