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I created the Brilliance Coaching Academy to teach empowerment techniques grounded in individual authenticity that could also be leveraged to advance our collective transformation and contribute to the greater good. I did this because I'm interested in taking the privatized and limited definition of "personal empowerment" that so often dominates the coaching industry and expanding it to a wider field of passionate and compassionate involvement in our world.

When we expand the scope of empowerment in this way, we become active CREATORS of the new paradigm we always hear people talking about - a paradigm of more balanced masculine and feminine energies, a paradigm of "power with" instead of "power over"; a paradigm that's eco-driven instead of ego-driven. How do we act on this vision for a new paradigm? How do we make it come alive through our own thoughts and actions right now?

I'm interested in moving the conversation beyond the cliches; challenging our comfort zones; investigating the wisdom in our vulnerabilities; and exploring the places where we are primed to learn from each other; collaborate in brave new ways; and connect and rely on each other more deeply so we can advance the evolutionary edge of our consciousness together.

Are you feeling called to go deeper into your personal process to see how it can support you in showing up more fully and with greater impact out in the world? Yes? Then, please explore what the Brilliance Coaching Academy has to offer at www.BrillianceCoachingAcademy.com.

Find out why past graduates have called the Brilliance Coaching Academy the "Harvard of coach training programs" and "the most inspiring, intelligent and worthwhile certification [they've] completed in the last 20 years." If you're looking for an experience that offers deep and lasting personal growth and top-notch professional training, look no further. Come join us! ❤️

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