Paint, Draw & Create along the Drum Circle playing a song

Every 1st Friday of the month

Location image of event venue


This event will coincide with another group that meets up and does a drum circle. The link is below to find more details in that group. Have you ever had the speed of your paintstrokes fluidly increase or decrease with the drums setting your pace?
Its interesting and its different.

Come take advantage of their energy and vibrations while you also are adding to the vibe and making art!

Once a month!

Since the sun sets earlier and earlier most likely we will only be joining them on days with bad weather where they go indoors and we have been invited to join them. Otherwise if they do happen to me in the city park this last month or so we could join them but it will only be daylight for us for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Meet at the Beaverton City Park/Unity of beaverton/ city library area. Exact details to be posted days before event.

PLEASE BE MINDFUL of your mediums and not to spill inside and such. Bring a drop cloth if needed.
Reach out to the host if you need an easel to use, or an extra pallette to borrow while there, etc.
I have extra supplies i can bring but only will when prompted to.

6:44 arrive and Find our places to Paint and draw

@8:30 group our art together to see what we came up with.

Big Thanks to the Drum Circle Meetup that is hosted by Unity Of Beaverton

Link to the drum circle meetup

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