Reiki Master Level with Billie Topa Tate


The Adept Initiation into the Reiki Adept Mastership is a physical initiation into a beautiful lineage of healing, wisdom, and teaching. The keys to future luminaries are whole light beings, which will give energy symbols, support, counseling for limitless intercommunication between living universes. Helping our selves and other sentient beings on their beautiful quest to awareness, healing and harmony.

An Adept is one who has mastered an area of Wisdom and Compassion. A Reiki Master Teacher is willing to hold the healing energies to do this beautiful work, this can be done as a full vocation or merely an addition to their life and loved ones. You will know you are ready to take the next step – when you joyfully receive the “internal calling” for this initiation.
The price for this healing and powerful event for a combine of both levels 2nd level on 9/15/19 will be $495.00

Attendees (1)