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"Thinking in Rails"

Almost everything you need to know about Rails

"Refactoring: Temp to Query and Intention Revealing Selector"
Recently I gave a live coding session to my colleagues on refactoring. I took two very well known techniques and applied them to a pull request that included a ~30 line method. That 30 line method ended up being reduced to ~9 lines, became much more understandable and we found a hidden class to extract.
Refactoring is the third step in the red green cycle and is something that we as developers talk about all the time. I want to introduce two very simple refactorings that will greatly enhance the readability of your code not only to yourself but your future self as well.
"Building MVP with Sinatra"
I'm frequently asked how I would go about building X application, to which my answer is usually "build something simple in Sinatra and get people to pay for it".
• minimum viable products and why they are important
• why Sinatra instead of Y framework
• building and validating features
Lightning Talks Frenzy
• Lots of short quick presentations on gems/tricks and other cool stuff

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