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The Brahma Kumaris Centre for Spiritual Learning (BKCSL) in Auchenflower has occupied its present location in a 100 year old Queenslander, for 17 years. Part of a larger international organisation, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU), the BK Centre for Spiritual learning teaches the arts and skills to live a life of peace and happiness.

Employing meditation, study, workshops, seminars and group conversations the BKCSL is a free community service, funded by donations and run by volunteers. We teach a variety of spiritual topics at our Auchenflower centre including but not limited to;

• Who am I? (am I just the sum of my brains firing neurons?)

• Where am I from? (where was I before I was born into this life?)

• Who or what is God (if God exists, where is 'He', what does 'He' look like, what does 'He' do and what doesn't 'He' do?)

• The journey of the soul (reincarnation. where's the evidence for that?))

• The spiritual laws of action (karma. As you sow, so shall you reap. So we want to be sure about the types of actions we perform)

• The spiritual powers (the soul has many hidden powers. What are they and how do we develop them?)

• The incalculable value of virtues (you can't buy virtues no matter how much money you have, but they are worth their weight in gold. How so?)

• The arts of living (it takes wisdom to navigate through today's complexities. Is there extra knowledge I can gain to make it easier and more fun?)

• Healthy diet (we hold vegan and vegetarian cooking demonstrations on our garden stage)

• Contributing my spiritual resources to the world (it's been said that to give is to receive. Is this true and what is it I should be giving?)

• What is time and is everything predestined? (Science knows exactly what time it is but not what time is. Is there something they don't know?)

• Soul consciousness (The journey through life can be easy or difficult. Is there a new paradigm that enables greater success through less effort?)

• Meditation (It's my mind, my thoughts and feelings but do I manage them or do they manage me?)

• Science and spirituality (There's a lot of new post-materialist science which supports a spiritual perspective to life. What to find out more?)

• The power of silence (The power of silence is greater than the power of science. Is that true and if so, why and how?)

• The interaction between spirit and matter (The famous double-slit experiment shows that the observer has an effect on matter. Spiritually, what's the significance in this?)

• The benefit in belief (Are your current beliefs serving you? What would it take to change them if they are doing you a diservice?)

The BKWSU is the largest spiritual organisation in the world that is administered by women since its founding in India in the mid 1930's.

Upcoming events (5+)

Lunch and Learn - Vegan Cooking Classes on 'The Deck'.

347 Milton Road

This Friday lunchtime, (12 noon to 1pm) Phillihp (who resides at the Centre) will cook and share a very simple gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan dish on the garden stage at BK Centre for Spiritual Learning, Auchenflower. This simple, quick and nutritious meal will be shared out after it is complete. Then, to the accompaniment of gentle music, some visual guiding and meditation commentary we will eat our meal together. Sound like fun? Come and enjoy the space, the atmosphere and other people. Park in Beard Street.

Lunch and Learn - Vegan Cooking Classes on 'The Deck'.

• What we'll do One of our experienced cooks/chefs will prepare a simple, quick vegan meal which you will be able to make at home, whilst cooking in a higher consciousness, so the food is imbued with positive and powerful vibrations. This way, body and soul are nourished simultaneously. We will eat the meal together afterwards. • What to bring • Important to know Please park in Beard Street

Let's meditate and explore spiritual growth

347 Milton Road

Let's meditate and explore spiritual growth Start your weekend by journeying further on the path of spiritual growth. Commencing with an hour of silent meditation with occasional music and commentaries (live and recorded), the class also incorporates another hour of workshop/discourse that focuses on spiritual growth and development. Tea and coffee is available afterwards. This class runs each Saturday from 9am. Parking is available in Beard Street, only a short distance away from the centre. When you arrive, please leave your shoes at the front door. There’s no need to knock or bring anything along—just come on in and find a place to sit in the beautiful meditation room.

Learn to Meditate at Mount Ommaney Library

Mount Ommaney Library

• What we'll do Discover who you really are and the silence within. Share experiences and ideas with others and be refreshed. • What to bring • Important to know

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Learn to Meditate at Mount Ommaney Library

Mount Ommaney Library

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