Next Best Action Decisioning & Hyper Personalisation

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Part 4: Engage CX: Optimise
Description: Next Best Action & Hyper-personalisation

In Part 1 we introduced Engage CX data-driven customer engagement framework, and provided the opportunity to self-evaluate your capability maturity in this space.

In Part 2 we set the foundation to understanding customer drivers and their influence on business outcomes - through customer activity, journeys and attribution.

In Part 3 we leveraged data, analytics and insight to drive customer intelligence in a way that supported the ongoing and automated identification of customer engagement opportunities and used this to establish customer engagement strategies and automate the delivery of awesome customer experience.

In this part, Part 4, we will discuss how to leverage data and analytics to drive next best action; the last piece of the puzzle responsible for evaluating customer and business needs at any point in time to map propositions to customers that are contextual, timely, relevant and consistent, and geared toward achieving the right business outcomes. We'll be presenting concepts and a set of reusable, modular and technology agnostic data and analytics artefacts which drive next best action decisioning and hyper-personalisation.

This part of the series will start by outlining the need for a proposition register with well defined classifications, followed by the concepts embedded within analytical models called “strategies” designed to make "business directed" and "analytics guided” decisions. Finally, we’ll summarise how the whole framework ties together end-to-end.

The intended audience is a mix of technicians looking to leverage data and analytics to identify audiences and opportunities, to business managers looking to properly execute a data-driven and analytics-enabled Marketing practice.

We’d love to see data engineers, modellers and scientists, and campaign analysts, marketing managers, executives and directors join in - anyone who is responsible for supporting Marketing.

These Meetups present a unique opportunity to gain knowledge through our experience and expertise in Customer Engagement, supported by guest presentations of client case studies and technology partner showcases. It’s also a chance to mingle with like-minded individuals in the field, chill and enjoy a drink and slice of pizza on us.

We look forward to seeing you!