"Unit Tests with EF Core SQLite" + "Full Stack Reactive Programming"


Brisbane Full Stack User Group - session 1: Unit Tests with EF Core SQLite – presented by Jernej Kavka

When trying to test applications functionalities, sometimes we need to verify that the data flows correctly, technically a integration test.

While EF Core has In-Memory DB, it does not have all of functionalities required to properly test.

We’ll dive deep into SQLite, why should you use it for unit testing and why should you avoid it.

About the presenter:
With 8 years of experience in software engineering across multiple industries like museums, government, banks, gaming, entertainment, Jernej has worked on full stack development of native applications from mobile to desktop applications.

JK loves working on Angular and .NET Core and his most recent projects have featured Docker and AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services). He now loves containers and sees everything as a container!


Brisbane Full Stack User Group - session 2: Full Stack Reactive Programming – presented by Brendan Richards

Like many developers, Brendan first started using reactive patterns with RxJS and JavaScript-based user interfaces.

But reactive programming is a pattern that can apply in many more places and Reactive libraries have been released for many languages – including Reactive Extensions for C#.
This talk explores using Reactive Extensions on the server side under ASP.NET Core.

About the presenter:
Brendan is a solution architect at SSW who spends most of his time “at the coal face” delivering web solutions for his clients.

When not developing, Brendan also teaches .NET Core and Angular at SSW FireBootCamp courses.
Brendan’s current list of favourite things include: .NET Core, Linux, Azure, Elastic Search, Angular and ngrx.