Functional JS and Monad Transformers

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Functional (Angular)JS by Ian Phillips

This short talk on FP in javascript will be from Ian Phillips. Ian has been programming for 40 years, cutting his teeth on Fortran and assembly language on a DEC mainframe at UQ. He was condemned to Basic when he purchased the first Apple II in Queensland, but quickly moved back to assembly language on the tiny little Apple. Ram was 4k bytes. Then discovered C. Joy, freedom, abstraction. In the 90's worked in Oracle SQL and Borland Delphi. After 2000, met java and wondered why J2ee had so much unmanageable state. Started adopting FP ideas into whatever language was being used. Has lots of python and xml. The only FP languages he has used are xquery and scala. Because javascript is the language of the web, he is acquainting himself with it. Tonight's talk is an introduction to angularjs, a powerful new declarative client-side framework, and the place of FP in such tools.

Monad Transformers by Tony Morris

What are monad transformers? Why would I use them? Why do they exist? Why do monads get transformers, but others do not?

In this talk, we will first revisit monads (, then take the necessary steps to re-discover why monad transformers have come to exist and in what situations they might be used. As with all things monads, a bit of mythbusting will be necessary too. After this talk, you should be equipped to explain the reason monad transformers are a useful tool, applicable to many every-day programming situations.