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Functional Programming With The Stars 2013

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Functional Programming With The Stars is back for another year with a very special line-up of guests, thanks to the YOW! Australia Developer Conference.

This year we are planning a panel-style event, where through a set of pre-moderated questions and audience interaction you'll be able to have a rare insight into the thoughts and vision of these top FP minds. There will also be afternoon tea and drinks catered for so that we have plenty of networking time afterwards.

We're very glad to be able to announce that the speakers who have volunteered their time are:

• Aaron Bedra ( - Co-author of Programming Clojure, Application Security Lead at Braintree

• Daniel Spiewak ( - Scala / Clojure Developer

• Douglas Crockford ( - Author of JavaScript: The Good Parts, Inventor of JSON, Chief Scientist at Paypal

• Julien Verlaguet ( - Software Engineer at Facebook, OCaml Developer

• Philip Wadler ( - Principal Designer of Haskell, Professor of Theoretical Computer Science at University of Edinburgh

• Steve Vinoski ( - Architect at Basho Technologies, IEEE Internet Columnist

• Tony Morris ( - Functional Programmer at NICTA

Tickets will be sold to help cover the costs of the venue and food; to secure a ticket you must RSVP on Eventbrite at the link below: (

Special thanks must go to the YOW! Conference for lending us some amazing panellists for the afternoon, as well as Red Hat and NICTA for coming on board as sponsors and the folks at iseek for pitching in to help cover the food costs, as they do for every BFPG meetup. This event would not be possible without the generosity of these four organisations.

Get your thinking caps on for good questions to ask our all-star functional programming panel. You can submit your questions through this web form (

Level 2, 282 Wickham Street · Fortitude Valley